The Storr, Skye - Dawn
The Storr, Skye – Dawn (May 2012)

Canicross Scotland – Running & Hiking with Dogs

We travel all over Scotland canicrossing in the most spectacular locations with our Beagles. We try to capture on camera the exhilarating experience of running and hiking with our little four legged pals amidst Scotland’s most stunning and atmospheric scenery.

Our trips are carefully researched to experience each location at it’s best – sometimes rising at the crack of dawn, or wild-camping on a mountain top for a dawn/sunset ridge run. We’re always ready to drop everything and head for the great outdoors when the time, weather and season is perfect.

Featured Routes

The Cobbler The Ayrshire Coastal Route Craiglea Trail, Loch Doon
The Cobbler
The Cobbler – also known as Ben Arthur – is a very dramatic hill with a distinctive silhouette. It has three peaks, two of which – the North and Central peak, can be tackled by walkers, although getting to the true summit of the central peak requires a very good head for heights! It is a very popular hill so you need to pick your time carefully if you want it to yourself! A great walk with no hazards for sensible canicrossers. There are a few sheer drops on the summits but it’s possible to keep well clear of them.
Ayrshire Coastal Route
The Ayrshire Coastal Path stretches from the southern to northernmost tips of the county of Ayrshire – 147km of glorious coastline. Almost the entire route has fabulous views out to sea – in fact for the most part you’re running along beaches, cliff tops and tracks beside the sea. There are views of Ailsa Craig and Arran along most of the route. A wonderful route to run with dogs in warmer weather as you’re never far from the cooling sea. And of course, you can cherry pick short sections to run – no need to run the whole route at once!
Craiglea Trail, Loch Doon
A three mile hill trail with approximately 1100 feet of ascent and spectacular views over Loch Doon. Explore Doon castle and the shores of Loch Doon at the start of the route. Extend your walk through miles and miles of stunning countryside.

Latest Blog Posts

Impossible Takes Longer Impossible Takes Longer (2nd Mar)
It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Our adventures away have been put on hold a bit this past year due to injury. Although we did manage a few spectacular trips and I have some awesome photos to share when I get a moment. In the meantime, here’s another blog that might be [...]
Running with Osteoarthritis – The Osteoarthritis Cure Running with Osteoarthritis – The Osteoarthritis Cure (9th Feb)
A while back I wrote about "Running with Osteoarthritis" the saga of what was diganosed as hip Osteoarthritis and my efforts to beat it and get back to full fitness. Lots of people have been in touch to find out what happened next. Well, all's good. After 8 years of the experts insisting I was in denial I've finally beaten it. And also discovered that what we're led to believe about osteoarthrits isn't really true.
Glen Nevis Trail Glen Nevis Trail (19th Apr)
River Ayr 10k Circular River Ayr 10k Circular (27th Feb)
A fabulous trail to run, this 10k circular route starts and finishes at Auchincruive. It follows the river bank almost the whole way and the varied terrain includes woodland, rocky river banks, fields, trails and lots of mud. It's very hilly in places and a few sections are extremely rough underfoot so don't expect any fast 10k times!
Ben A’an Ben A’an (27th Feb)
At around 2.5 miles and just 340m of ascent Ben A'an makes an ideal short hill walk. Despite it's diminutive size it has the feel of a mountain - in miniature. Situated right in the heart of the Trossachs it has spectacular views from the summit and gorgeous sunsets. There's a path leading to the top, although it is very steep and rugged in places. For a short evening walk it's hard to beat.
Ben Lora Ben Lora (26th Feb)
Ben Lora is a modest hill that looms up behind the beach side campsite at North Ledaig. The views out over the islands are simply spectacular and it's well worth a climb for that reason alone. But the real treat are the quite unexpected views inland over the mountains. This is particularly spectacular at sunrise.
Knock Hill Knock Hill (26th Feb)
The site of an old hill fort on the summit of Knock hill with spectacular views out over Largs, Cumbrae and Arran. There are various route options - from a 7 or 8 mile circular route starting out at the Largs sea front (which includes quiet roads) to 3 miles or so of walking/running exclusively on trails and open hillside. It's a little bit muddy and there are quite a few sheep (which normally provokes an indignant response from our Biggles), but the scenery makes it all worthwhile.
Eglinton parkrun Eglinton parkrun (25th Feb)
parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. The first parkrun in Ayrshire - Eglinton parkrun is due to start up on the 16th March 2013. Dogs are allowed to take part in parkrun events - there is however a limit to one dog per runner. You can also do what's known as 'freedom runs' - run the course at any time you like and publish your time to the parkrun website.
Craiglea Trail, Loch Doon Craiglea Trail, Loch Doon (25th Feb)
A three mile hill trail with approximately 1100 feet of ascent and spectacular views over Loch Doon. Explore Doon castle and the shores of Loch Doon at the start of the route. Extend your walk through miles and miles of stunning countryside.
Greeto Falls Greeto Falls (25th Feb)
This is a short but oh so sweet route up into the hills above Largs. It follows the Gojo Burn through gorgeous hilly farmland to a spectacular waterfall. There is plenty of scope for scrambling around the rough moorland and hills to take in some spectacular views. A straight forward walk up to the burn and then up the hill to the mast is a little under 3 miles round trip. Although you can walk for miles.
Eglinton parkrun, North Ayrshire – A Trial Run Eglinton parkrun, North Ayrshire – A Trial Run (23rd Feb)
There's a new parkrun coming to our local park - Eglinton parkrun. It starts on the 16th March 2013, but when the course map was published the other day we couldn't resist giving it a trial run. We had a fabulous time and the pups have given the course their seal of approval.
A Busy Day A Busy Day (20th Feb)
Last Tuesday was such a lovely day that we felt we had to go somewhere a bit special. We started the day before dawn in the North Ayrshire hills and ended it in the far South of Ayrshire at Loch Doon.