A Busy Day

February 20, 2013 in Canicross Ramblings by

Last Tuesday was such a lovely day that we felt we had to go somewhere a bit special. The forecast promised a nice sunrise along the Ayrshire coast so we decided to head to Greeto falls (Largs, North Ayrshire) before dawn and scramble around the hills. It was a beautiful morning.

Watching the world below us coming to life

After a fry up, a nap in front of the telly and a spot of work we set off to see if we could get an equally spectacular sunset in the far South of Ayrshire – at Loch Doon. We weren’t disappointed!

We started out by exploring Doon Castle.

Loch Doon Castle [IMG_9797_8_9_fused]


Then I took the pups for a little run up the hill behind the castle.




By the time we got back down the sun was close to setting so we wondered about by the loch side enjoying the solitude and watching the sun set.


Loch Doon [IMG_9865_6_7_fused]

Loch Doon (IMG_9832-34_Manual)

Loch Doon, after sunset [IMG_9901-03_Manual]

Loch Doon, post sunset [IMG_9883-85_Manual]

What better way to end such a busy day than having a lovely relaxing massage.



It’s a hard life being a Beagle!