Photo courtesy of Murdo MacLeod (Commissioned for a an article in Sense Magazine)

About Us

We are Paul and Susan and our little Beagles are called Beanie & Biggles.

We’ve been hill walking and running with Beanie and Biggles since they were quite little. We all love to get out into the open countryside, but for the Beagles’ safety (and that of local wildlife and livestock) they need to be securely attached to us. Canicross was therefore a natural progression for us.

Over the years, we’ve tried various approaches to running with the dogs. 5k fun runs, group outings, specialist dog running races – even parkruns!

All tremendously fun experiences now and again, but a little limiting and restrictive. We wanted something more – a true cross country experience! After much trial and error we combined canicross with other interests to create the perfect project for our little Beagle family – Canicross Scotland.

Canicross Scotland

We travel all over Scotland running and hiking in all the most spectacular locations. We try to capture on camera the exhilarating experience of canicrossing amidst Scotland’s most stunning and atmospheric scenery.

Weather, time of day and season play a huge part – no matter how spectacular the scenery it just isn’t the same on a drab, grey day. Our trips are therefore carefully researched to experience each location at it’s best – sometimes rising at the crack of dawn, or camping out on a mountain top for a dawn/sunset ridge run. We’re always ready to drop everything and head for the great outdoors when the time, weather and season is perfect.


When we return from our adventures, we get to work sharing our photos and experiences in the Canicross Scotland website. We hope you enjoy it!

Chilling out in the caravan after a run (2011)