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Approaching Dunure Castle along the Ayrshire Coastal Path

Ayrshire Coastal Path

The Ayrshire Coastal Path stretches from the southern to northernmost tips of the county of Ayrshire – 147km of glorious coastline. Almost the entire route has fabulous views out to sea – in fact for the most part you’re walking along beaches, cliff tops and tracks beside the sea. There are views of Ailsa Craig and Arran along most of the route. A wonderful route to run with dogs in warmer weather as you’re never far from the cooling sea.

Turnberry Lighthouse at sunset [IMG_9115-16_Manual]
Starting at Maidens – Turnberry Lighthouse at Sunset

This route is local to us, and we regularly explore the 60k or so between Maidens and Portencross. The photos are obviously of landmarks (of which there are many), and these are connected by long sections of sandy (or sometimes rocky/stony) beach. Very occasionally you have to pass through a small village or town.

Culzean Beach, Ayrshire [IMG_9646]
The beach just before Culzean Castle

Looking out to sea from the walls of Culzean Castle – Dunure Castle is perched on the end of the outcrop of land in the background

Dunure at dawn (IMG_9444)
Dunure Castle at Dawn

The approach to Dunure Castle – shortly after sunrise

Taken from the beach beyond Dunure Castle at sunset

Greenan Castle at sunrise [IMG_2794]
Greenham Castle – just before Ayr (taken at sunset)

Views of Arran from just beyond Greenham Castle

Sunset in Troon (IMG_0531 Merged)
A few miles down the coast at Troon. This is where our running club (Troon Tortoises) meets up to run.

IMG_8756 Merged
Taken from the long, sandy beach at Troon (as you’ve probably gathered, you get some cracking sunsets along this route!). We really need to try and get some more day time shots!

Home territory – this is our local beach at Irvine. Approximately 3 miles of wide, uninterrupted sandy beach.

Sunset Over Arran (IMG_7689)
Another sunset – this time from Irvine Harbour

Portencross Pier at Sunrise [IMG_8875_6_7_Manual]
Portencross Pier

Portencross Sunset [IMG_7059_Merged]
The rocky coastline beyond Portencross

Beagle Sunset [IMG_4734-Edit]
A romantic end to a lovely route – enjoying the sunset together