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On top of the world - Ben A'an just after sunset (Oct 2012)

Ben A’an

At around 2.5 miles and just 340m of ascent Ben A’an makes an ideal short hill walk. Despite it’s diminutive size it has the feel of a mountain – in miniature. Situated right in the heart of the Trossachs it has spectacular views from the summit and gorgeous sunsets. There’s a path leading to the top, although it is very steep and rugged in places. For a short evening walk it’s hard to beat.

Ben A'an, almost at sunset [IMG_2609]
The sun slipping down behind the hills

Although this is a very short walk it’s quite hard going in places and the top steep section can be particularly tough on the knees on the way back down! If you stay to watch the sunset there’s plenty of time to get back down to the woods (and easier walking) before it’s fully dark. But a head torch is probably necessary unless you’re a very fast walker.

A different day a different sunset – this was the Summer Solstice sunset

There’s not much more to say about this one really. A lovely, lovely walk with some great views.