Summit of Ben Lora at Sunrise (Autumn Solstice, 2013)

Ben Lora

Ben Lora is a modest hill that looms up behind the beach side campsite at North Ledaig. The views out over the islands are simply spectacular and it’s well worth a climb for that reason alone. But the real treat are the quite unexpected views inland over the mountains. This is particularly spectacular at sunrise.

Ben Lora Summit at sunrise [IMG_0547]
The views of the islands were as expected, quite spectacular

There’s a lovely campsite at North Ledaig, situated right on the beach overlooking the islands. The sunsets are simply spectacular, but sunrise is also special as first light falls on Mull. There’s a hill behind the campsite (Ben Lora) and we figured that if we scrambled up during the night the views of first light on the islands would be even more magical. I seem to remember it took a couple of hours to get up there – mostly along forest access roads and tracks so a fairly easy run if you were so inclined. Although there was a steep 1.5k of so of muddy open hillside to negotiate near the top.

Dawn Mist below Ben Lora [IMG_0545]

The views out to the islands didn’t disappoint. The views over Oban were also stunning, shrouded in a low mist.

Sunrise from ben Lora [IMG_0620]

What we hadn’t anticipated were the stunning views inland over the mountains. Sunrise was simply wonderful.

Morning on Ben Lora [IMG_0708]

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that we realised this particular sunrise was a little bit special – it’d had been the morning of the Autumn Solstice.

What a way to start the day though! A night time climb from the front door of your caravan, a spectacular sunrise and out-of-this-world views then straight back down for a fry up and to snuggle down for a nap with the smell of freshly laundered sheets. The best of all worlds.