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Do I need to be fit to do Canicross?

Sporty couple Canicross will without a doubt improve your fitness levels, but no – you don’t need to be fit to start.

The nice thing about canicross is that you can adapt it to suit your capabilities and preferences. If you’re very unfit you can start out just walking – in fact there’s no need to ever progress beyond walking. No matter how unfit you are, if you are keen to run then you will be able to – perhaps even with injuries and medical conditions that limit your activities (although always check with your doctor first in these cases). Whilst it might seem like an impossible dream now, with steady progress you CAN be in great shape in the future. It’s in your hands! Our getting started guide will give ideas on how to take the first baby steps towards the new and improved you.

For already fit athletes canicross offers tremendous scope. Runners can expect on average a 10% improvement in running times over 5k distances (dependent upon breed and enthusiasm of dog). For those at the top of their game that can equate to some pretty astonishing speeds! Fit athletes should take extra special care to make sure that their dog is willing and able to keep up with your speed and training schedule. Remember – he’s working much harder than you! Even a very fit dog will need plenty of time to adjust to the demands of a new activity.