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Craiglea Trail, Loch Doon

Craiglea Trail, Loch Doon

A three mile hill trail with approximately 1100 feet of ascent and spectacular views over Loch Doon. Explore Doon castle and the shores of Loch Doon at the start of the route. Extend your walk through miles and miles of stunning countryside.

Loch Doon [IMG_9865_6_7_fused]
Loch Doon, at the start of the Craiglea Trail

The route starts on the shores of Loch Doon, right beside the ruins of Doon Castle. It’s possible to add miles and miles of loch side walking or running with the most stunning scenery if you fancy something a bit longer.

One of the lovely things about the Craiglea Trail is that there’s so much more to explore!

Beanie and Biggles check out every nook and cranny of the castle before setting off on their run

Loch Doon Castle [IMG_9797_8_9_fused]
The ruins of the castle were relocated from an island in the loch in the 1930s when the level of the loch was raised as part of a hydro scheme.

There’s a sign posted path leading up Craiglea beside Doon Castle. It’s very runnable if you’re reasonably fit. Or alternatively, take a gentle stroll and savor the views.




This is as far as our cameraman came – which is a shame as he missed some utterly spectacular views. The route continues high up into the hills with some panoramic views – Paul would have continued up with me if we’d known how nice it was going to be. We’ll go back and photograph the whole route sometime very soon!

Loch Doon (IMG_9832-34_Manual)
I never get bored with the views along the loch