Looking out across Cumbrae towards Arran just before sunset (Jan2013)

Greeto Falls

This is a short but oh so sweet route up into the hills above Largs. It follows the Gojo Burn through gorgeous hilly farmland to a spectacular waterfall. There is plenty of scope for scrambling around the rough moorland and hills to take in some spectacular views. A straight forward walk up to the burn and then up the hill to the mast is a little under 3 miles round trip. Although you can walk for miles.

Trees on a hill #3 [IMG_4088_89_90_fused]

After a short but sharp climb up a steep tarmac path the route opens out into a rough track running along the side of a hill just above and parallel to the Gojo Burn. The track takes you to a bridge over a spectacular waterfall. You can cross the bridge and continue across hill farming country, or follow a marked path up to a spectacular viewpoint.

Heading for Home [IMG_4163_4_5_tonemapped]
This broad grassy path nestled on a hillside is wonderful to run along

Trees on a hill #2 [IMG_4028_29_30_fused]

As with most of the West Coast, views are generally best at sunset. However, there is also some lovely light at sunrise:

Pre-dawn. Watching the world come to life below us

Looking inland towards the hills – you could run/walk for miles

We’ve never seen sheep on this route, but the pens at the bottom of the hill suggest that they are likely to be present at certain times of year.