I’ve Finally cured my Hip Osteoarthritis!!

September 16, 2015 in Running with Osteoarthritis? by

Back in September 2012 I wrote about my battle with hip osteoarthritis.

I first developed symptoms in 2005 and I was diagnosed with a classic case of hip osteoarthritis and told to give up the activities that I loved. I was warned that if I didn’t I’d need a hip replacement within a few years. I didn’t accept the diagnosis and fought hard to get full functionality back. I never got around to writing the second half of that story, but the good news is that I am now 100% cured. I have no symptoms and I would no longer be diagnosed with Hip OA.

Over the past couple of years I’ve had a lot of people get in touch with me because they’ve seen that article and they too have been told not to run because of an OA diagnosis. I honestly think there is hope for you. I’ve put together a self-help web site to explain more about what was really wrong with me and how to put it right. I hope it’s helpful to other OA sufferers.

Click here to visit my osteoarthritis self help web site

And good luck!!! It feels AMAZING when your body starts working properly again.