Canicross in Photographs

Just a few of our favorite canicross moments….

Sunrise on The Cobbler [IMG_3123_4_5_fused]
Sunrise from the Central Summit of the Cobbler. November 2012.

Sunrise beach run at New England Bay, Galloway. October 2012

Portencross Pier at Sunrise [IMG_8875_6_7_Manual]
Portencross Pier at Sunrise – Jan 2013

Old Man of Storr at sunrise [IMG_3124]
Looking down from the great cliffs of the Storr onto the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye. Taken at sunrise. May 2012

Solstice Beagles [IMG_0655_Blended]
Autumn solstice sunrise taken from Ben Lora, Oban. September 2012

Greenan Castle at sunrise [IMG_2794]
Greenan Castle (along the Ayrshire Coastal Path). Taken at Dawn. October 2012

Up there with the clouds [IMG_2591]
Ben A’an at sunset. October 2012

Mull of Galloway pre-sunrise [IMG_1171]
Camped out on a little pinnacle of cliff, towering above the crashing sea. This was taken pre-dawn while we waited for the sun to rise so we could start our cliff top run in the early morning sun light. October 2012.

The Biscuit Dance [IMG_1733]
Performed by Beanie, this ancient Beagle ritual is thought to bring forth meat chip Bonios. Taken just before a canicross run along the cliffs of the Mull of Galloway. October 2012.

Coire Lagan – a spectacular Lochan in the heart of the Cuillin, Isle of Skye. May 2012.

A run on a secluded beach on the island of Iona. September 2012.

View from Ben Donich Summit [IMG_1940]
Ben Donich Summit (during a brief respite from rain and hail), Arrochar Alps. May 2012

Sunrise on The Cobbler [Pano 9989-94 Stitch Lighter]
Sunrise on the Cobbler, Arrochar Alps. Taken at sunrise. April 2012

Beanie and Biggles watching the sun rise from the summit of the Cobbler, Arrochar Alps