Feverish February – Surely Not!

February 9, 2013 in Canicross Ramblings by

2013 really isn’t getting off to the healthiest of starts. After the coughing, sneezing, aches and pains of Lurgy January we consoled ourselves with the fact that we’d had our share of illness for the year. And for a couple of blissful ailment free days things went to plan. We even managed to get some nice shots during a couple of our early evening outings.

These were taken along the Ayrshire Coastal Path at Turnberry Lighthouse.

Turnberry Lighthouse at sunset [IMG_9115-16_Manual]

Turnberry Lighthouse after sunset [IMG_9150-52_Manual2]
Just after Sunset

Turnberry Lighthouse [IMG_9195_9196_Manual]
Failing Light

And these a little further North along the coast at Dunure Castle.

Dunure Castle [IMG_9040_2_3_fused]


Then right out of the blue Paul and I came down with the worst flu ever. Thank goodness the worst of my symptoms hit a couple of days ahead of Paul as neither of us could have crawled out of bed to walk the dogs. Fortunately it was as short-lived as it was severe. Just a couple of days in bed and we’re now both on the mend. We’re planning a little run tomorrow to test the water and see how we hold up. Then all being well back into our planned February activities.

Of course, Beanie always likes to be the centre of attention so she had to take to her bed too.

Could someone bring me a hot drink please?